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Iron Man 3 – My Version

By RiggzWednesday - April 24th, 2013Categories: Movies, Originals, Rant, Ugh... Topical

Iron Man 3

So, pretty much as soon as Avengers ended, I came up with, what I thought would be, a pretty good next chapter in the Iron Man saga. As the details and trailers were released for the official third Iron Man film, I was a little disappointed. Admittedly because my idea had been ignored, but also because I felt like opportunities to expand and connect the Marvel Movie Universe would be missed/lost. I’m not the biggest Iron Man comics fan in the world (far from it), so I’d never deem myself as an authority on the character, but I’m incredibly tired of just watching him face-off against robots that look identical to himself. Let me know if this sounds like something you would’ve liked to have seen:

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