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Horace de Vere Cole: Turn-of-the-Century Prankster and Poop-Joke Virtuoso

By KiddoWednesday - December 12th, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

Here at CatRoommate, we ourselves are a band of boisterous scallywags, somewhat lacking in scruples. Ergo, we are in a state of awe when we come across a fellow master of mischief. And when the term “hornswoggler” comes to my mind (as it oft does) one man stands alone as by the far the greatest hornswoggler in recorded swoggledom. Who, pretell? Why my good man, Horace de Vere Cole, that is!

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The Big Adventures of Little Kitters #6

By KiddoWednesday - July 25th, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

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HACKED, Again!

By KiddoWednesday - February 1st, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

A consequence of being one of the most heavily trafficked websites the web has to offer, is of course, the ongoing threat of some elite group of cyber-thug-hackers / romanian DJ’s looking for a place to drop their hot new mash-up. (continue reading…)

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1980’s Italian Sub-pop Sex Symbols Edition

By KiddoTuesday - April 12th, 2011Categories: Uncategorized

Click the “random article” button on Wikipedia enough and you’re bound to come across something worthwhile, or at the very least, worthy of a good ridicule. That being said, it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across this little gem, 1980’s Italian sex symbol / pop sensation Sabrina Salerno’s music video for her hit song, “Like A Yo Yo”. There’s been no consensus as to what Salerno’s lyrics “like a yo-yo” implicate, if anything, but popular theories suggest it could a reference to either heightened sexual arousal attributed to intimacy,  or heightened sexual arousal caused by yo-yos.

But, to highlight, some of my favorite things about this video:

– Brooding and dangerous bad boy with a yo-yo, possibly deaf

– Aggressive denim-clad street dancers

– Stuffed animal theft

– Pleather Mickey Mouse jackets on adult women (who are not Asian tourists)

– Motorcyclists unwilling to brake for attractive women in alleyways

– Completely random and unnecessary live-action animation hybrid.

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Comic: It’s the end of an Era, boys… the Cretaceous, to be exact.

By KiddoWednesday - January 26th, 2011Categories: Uncategorized

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From the Files of Elyse Squad

By KiddoWednesday - December 15th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

I decided to sort through and delete old, neglected text documents on my computer. In doing so, I stumble across, nay, fall face first into this gem, entitled “Olden Times”:

Why I would not go back and live in olden times, even if the getting’ was good (though it probably wouldn’t be):

I myself am not old. In OLDEN TIMES, the average life expectancy was somewhere between 30 to 40 years. Given that I myself am not old, unlike the TIMES, this leaves me with a wishful ten to fifteen years, granted I don’t LEAVE OLDEN TIMES before I die, and become CONTEMPORARY once more.

If I went, I would want Benecio Del Toro to come with me, and I don’t think he would. He’s got too much going for him in MODERN TIMES.


I have no idea where this came from or who wrote it. I copied and pasted it and sections of it into Google, but no matching results came up. Did I write this? Did I dream it? I feel like there’s no way I would have misspelled Benicio… ergo, could it even have been me????

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Decapitation Capitivation: The Walking Dead

By KiddoMonday - December 13th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

Being a snob, I love to bitch and rant about how terrible the state of network television is and give myself a self-congratulatory pat on the back for being so above-it-all, a la, “you’re of the mindless masses  and I’m not! *takes bite from crumpet*”. That being said, I don’t watch much TV. In 2009 it was announced that AMC had picked up the rights to the cult zombie serial The Walking Dead and I, quite frankly, was right pumped. Yeah sure I’ll watch a TV show based on a graphic serial about a zombie apocalypse! Right out the gate I was more than willing to allot some “me” time to an hour a week of what I only assumed, given AMC’s track-record and the comics’ rep, would be some quality cable TV. Consequently, this would also mean that my usual Sunday evenings of putting on red lipstick and old records and crying through my false eyelashes would have to be cut short.

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Review: Ryan Reynolds is “Buried”, also stars in movie

By KiddoMonday - October 4th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

Buried opens as it ends – to black. In the first few minutes, Canadian actor / hero Ryan Reynolds (as Paul Conroy, a truck driver working in Iraq whose convoy is attacked and subsequently he is abducted and buried alive), gasps, wheezes and pounds the sides of his wooden cell in frustration. After the hyperventilation subsides and attempts to punch his way out prove futile, our man gets his shit together, resumes a steady breathing pace and finds a cell phone at his feet. He scans through the caller i.d. for clues but can’t seem to make sense of the funny squiggles in place where real words should be. Ha, stupid American!

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Reviewed: Childrens’ Hospital

By KiddoFriday - July 2nd, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

Rob Corddry’s web series Childrens’ Hospital makes the move to the small screen July 11th, with a hilarious premiere episode available online now in its entirety. The cast includes veterans to the comedic world, including Ken Marino, Megan Mullaly, Henry Winkler and Corddry himself, while newcomers like Malin Akerman flex untapped comedic chops.

As the show transitions to TV, the sketch-like feel and pacing of a digital series carries over, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. No doubt Adult Swim expects the show’s main, initial viewership to be familiar with the series; the episode spends little to no time establishing setting or character development, and gets right down to the irreverent silliness.

Poking fun at medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and House, the patients and the doctors are caricatures. Mullaly is a geriatric doctor with a degenerative bone disease, while Corddry is a Patch Adams-esque “doctor clown” with garish makeup and a blood stain covering his smock, shaped like a heart or a set of lungs. Trekkies from a neighboring convention make an appearance, and the climactic scene features the doctors having to decide which of two men impaled by a pole they will save (a spoof of a Grey’s episode); the young, snotty, skater-punk or the old man dying of cancer who insists he has lived a long, full life (you can guess who the oblivious, self-involved doctors choose to die). The big laughs (in my opinion) come from Jeff Ross the insult comic, portraying himself as he tries to get emergency care for his son.

It would be nice for these actors, many who have paid serious, dues to get a show to call their own. Especially Ken Marino who is always great to watch, even if just for his reactions – either shock, or elation.

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Toilet (Paper) Humor

By KiddoFriday - June 4th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

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