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Immediate Reactions: Kinect for 360

By RiggzMonday - June 14th, 2010Categories: Rant, Video Games

Oh really? Women love your moves, huh? Envy of your friends?! I believe it!

Ugh… motion controls. I’d say that motion controls are to video games what the 3D fad is to movies, but I’d be ignoring the fact that games are going 3D as well. I don’t hate them, but that Microsoft and Sony think that they can steal away some of the Wii’s casual audience with motion controls of their own is retarded. And if they think that any serious gamers are clamoring for these types of control methods then they may have full on fetal alcohol syndrome. The Wii is super cheap and was first. Boom. I just figured out the mysteries behind Nintendo’s success.

Regardless… this fad is happening and with E3 in full swing I had to sit through Microsoft’s Kinect-centric press conference… here are a few immediate reactions.

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Immediate Reactions: Pizza by the “Splice”

By RiggzFriday - June 4th, 2010Categories: Movies, Rant

Half man, half pizza... the perfect hybrid...

[Immediate Reactions is my way of conveying how I felt about a movie using essentially whatever bullet points popped into my head while watching it.  It saves me time, and it saves you time.  Think of it as a review without any fluff and/or substance.  Enjoy!]

In all honesty, the title and picture has very little to do with my “review” of Splice.  What it IS evident of, though, is that I haven’t had lunch yet.  So let’s get through this quick so I can eat!

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It’s The End Of This Show As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

By KiddoFriday - May 28th, 2010Categories: Rant, Television

The long-awaited, highly anticipated series finale of Lost had the Interweb in a year-long maelstrom of Lost fan speculation, news and viral overload. For six seasons its writers wove intrigue after intrigue, without producing any real resolve or explanation. But it HAD to end in some cataclysmic, life-altering revelation or at least connect these webs of coincidence and symbols… right?

Wrong, and you brought it on yourself.

Of course it was all for not and will likely be remembered as one of the hugest failures in television, with a frustratingly unfulfilling finale that left fans scratching their heads, pulling their hair, and punching whoever was closest.

Don’t blame the writers. Blame the network. Heck, blame yourself for egging them on!

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