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Iron Man 3 – My Version

By RiggzWednesday - April 24th, 2013Categories: Movies, Originals, Rant, Ugh... Topical

Iron Man 3

So, pretty much as soon as Avengers ended, I came up with, what I thought would be, a pretty good next chapter in the Iron Man saga. As the details and trailers were released for the official third Iron Man film, I was a little disappointed. Admittedly because my idea had been ignored, but also because I felt like opportunities to expand and connect the Marvel Movie Universe would be missed/lost. I’m not the biggest Iron Man comics fan in the world (far from it), so I’d never deem myself as an authority on the character, but I’m incredibly tired of just watching him face-off against robots that look identical to himself. Let me know if this sounds like something you would’ve liked to have seen:

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How Salò Can You Go?

By RiggzMonday - March 4th, 2013Categories: Movies

Poor… poor Sergio…

So, we watched a movie this weekend that some of you may or may not be familiar with; Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975). This isn’t a review a that film. It’s hard to imagine trying to review it. It is merely a reaction to our viewing.

And what better way to react than by making a couple animated GIFs!

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ICE AGE Unbound: What the Franchise is Really About

By RiggzWednesday - June 20th, 2012Categories: Movies, Originals, Rant

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve seen all of the ICE AGE films up to this point*. With ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT on the horizon, I feel it’s my duty to inform Blue Sky Studios that I won’t be skipping Scrat’s latest outing, neither should you, and here’s why…

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Judgement Day is Upon Us

By RiggzTuesday - October 25th, 2011Categories: Awesome, Movies, Non Sequitor

I was going to try to say something funny about this video, but… I can’t. I was hoping to point out everything wrong with it until I realized… it’s perfect. For a lot of people, myself included, Terminator 2 is one of the best action films ever made and this real estate commercial (?) has to be one of the best of its kind, if not THE best.

Highlights include:

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Bite-Sized Reviews – Month of July

By RiggzTuesday - August 2nd, 2011Categories: Movies, Rant

I watch a ton of movies for various reasons. In an effort to keep track of everything I’ve seen, I started writing them down. Then titles became reactions and reactions became “reviews”. Since I have them all lying around I figured I’d just do one big post here, in no particular order other than, arguably, the most popular first. Enjoy! Or don’t…

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CatRoommate’s 1st Annual Oscars Liveblog

By RiggzMonday - February 28th, 2011Categories: Awesome, Movies, News

The Stars have never been brighter!

9:55PM: MAJOR UPSET!! Unstoppable loses to Inception in the category of Sound Editing.

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My Favorite “Sunshine” Review

By RiggzSunday - December 19th, 2010Categories: Movies
Their future's so bleak... I've gotta wear shades!

Their future's so bleak... I've gotta wear shades!

Relevance be damned! I’m posting my favorite “found review” for a movie that was released in 2007, because it’s worth it. A lot of times genius goes overlooked on the internet (case in point; CATROOMMATE.COM), so I felt obligated to give credit where it’s due. The movie itself is a pretty polarizing film. Personally, I think it’s great, but I could see how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Regardless, Amazon reviewer, George Hotelling, makes some really tough points to argue in his 2 Star review.

So, (spoiler alert) the sun is going out and the people on the spaceship are going to restart it and save the earth. They have a lot of challenges to overcome like in any movie, and then they overcome them. But here’s the thing about the movie that you won’t believe:

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The BEST Predators Review [Spoilers]

By RiggzWednesday - July 14th, 2010Categories: Awesome, Movies, Rant

So, I saw Predators this weekend. My personal opinions of the film are of minor importance here, so I’ll just rush through and say that the movie wasn’t a travesty like AvP, but still doesn’t hold a candle to the original. Pandering to the current mindless movie-going audience is partly to blame, but beyond that some of the movie is poorly constructed and clearly doesn’t understand why people are still enjoying Arnold’s action movie today.

That being said, the movie is getting great word of mouth. Something that doesn’t usually happen with mediocre movies. I don’t understand this and a lot of times it makes me feel all alone in the world (though an empty apartment and a girlfriend living 3000 miles away doesn’t help either). Luckily, like a knight in shining armor, a hero steps forward to show me that I’m not alone. And even though the internet reminds me daily how many opinions differ from my own, there are still others out there who share my point of view. One such other goes by the name “RG“. He’s a first-time commenter, responding to a post at Topless Robot. And he’s written the BEST Predators review ever.

And WHY THE F*CK WAS LAURENCE FISHBURNE FAT? He must be one hell of a scavenger.

I KNOW! Please read the full spoiler-filled review below.

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Immediate Reactions: Pizza by the “Splice”

By RiggzFriday - June 4th, 2010Categories: Movies, Rant

Half man, half pizza... the perfect hybrid...

[Immediate Reactions is my way of conveying how I felt about a movie using essentially whatever bullet points popped into my head while watching it.  It saves me time, and it saves you time.  Think of it as a review without any fluff and/or substance.  Enjoy!]

In all honesty, the title and picture has very little to do with my “review” of Splice.  What it IS evident of, though, is that I haven’t had lunch yet.  So let’s get through this quick so I can eat!

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