Iron Man 3 – My Version

Iron Man 3 – My Version

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Iron Man 3

So, pretty much as soon as Avengers ended, I came up with, what I thought would be, a pretty good next chapter in the Iron Man saga. As the details and trailers were released for the official third Iron Man film, I was a little disappointed. Admittedly because my idea had been ignored, but also because I felt like opportunities to expand and connect the Marvel Movie Universe would be missed/lost. I’m not the biggest Iron Man comics fan in the world (far from it), so I’d never deem myself as an authority on the character, but I’m incredibly tired of just watching him face-off against robots that look identical to himself. Let me know if this sounds like something you would’ve liked to have seen:

My idea begins shortly after the events of Avengers (SPOILER ALERT. The heroes win and Tony Stark drives off into the sunset with Bruce Banner). We find that Tony extended an offer to Banner to work together (both being science-minded folk) for both of their benefits. Their chemistry together was great in Avengers and I think building on this is a great way to get more out of both of their characters (while also eliminating the need for a separate Hulk film, as of yet). What begins as mutual respect, turns into a strong partnership, which develops into a full-fledged friendship. As soon as things are established as good, and getting better, we introduce our villain, which can be pretty much anyone. Mandarin is fine, so sure… Mandarin. Stark Industries is compromised. Pepper Potts is kidnapped. Something happens to set Tony Stark on his course, while Banner stays behind as an aid.

Naturally, Mandarin’s plan is a bit more complicated than “agitate the hero” and it turns out that everything was a ploy to catch Banner off-guard. Utilizing (insert complicated nondescript device here) Hulk is unleashed; loosely, under the control of Mandarin. Stark, now, has to contend with the green giant, but their first encounter ends with Iron Man broken and defeated. Returning to his lab (while Hulk rampages through cities/towns), Tony discovers Bruce’s plans for the Hulkbuster suit. An armor, theoretically, designed to take down his friend, should Banner lapse back into his alter-ego (which conveniently enough… he has!).

After a few finishing touches, Tony heads out in his brand-new gear (read: opportunity to sell toys). The ensuing battle is epic, with the playing field nearly leveled. Mandarin’s foot soldiers and eventually Mandarin himself are dispatched leaving only Iron Man vs. Hulk. After a lengthy battle, racing against an army resolved to “nuke the situation”, Iron Man loses. Hulkbuster wasn’t enough. Everyone, even Banner himself, underestimated how incredibly powerful the Hulk really is. With moments left until the army eviscerates the whole area, Stark removes his mask and reminds Banner of his own humanity, and their friendship. The sky ignites (despite Pepper’s protests, the army fired their super weapon), and the area becomes a massive crater. As the dust settles, Hulk is collapsed to his hands and knees, having shielded Stark from the blast. As the monsters arms and legs give out he slowly transforms back into Banner, bloody and motionless.

With what little energy the suit has left Stark makes it to the military convoy, insults the commanding officer, assures them he watched Hulk die, and shares a romantic moment with Pepper Potts. Several weeks later, Tony is still recuperating (and a terrible patient). Pepper mentions Banner’s funeral, and Tony reluctantly agrees to go to the cemetery. He arrives and says several kind words to Banner’s headstone, finishing with a plea for Banner to stop asking for money. His friend stands behind him and they banter back and forth. After a few jokes and a handshake they both part ways. Music crescendo. Roll credits.