Kenny Omega – The Greatest Pro Wrestler of All-Time?

Kenny Omega – The Greatest Pro Wrestler of All-Time?

By RiggzWednesday - August 8th, 2012Categories: Awesome, RantTags:, , ,


Growing up, I loved Pro Wrestling. And by “growing up” I mean it was considered a serious career option for me until… well… a couple months ago, I asked Kiddo if I could enroll in a wrestling training camp, not too far from where we live. So yeah, it’s still one of my great passions, but I don’t take the time to watch it any more, probably because as ridiculous as it remains, it isn’t nearly the spectacle it used to be. I still long for an unruly affair where evil clowns had identical half-pint sidekicks, and a tax audit could mean a steel briefcase to the skull. Even though, things might’ve gotten a little more serious in the U.S. (thanks for nothing Randy Orton) there are still those that want Pro Wrestling to be fun.

Leading the charge is Kenny Omega, my new favorite wrestler. Let me count the ways…

He’s Funny –  I mentioned Randy Orton earlier, and while Orton can, sometimes, be fun to watch, he’s pioneered the “tattooed & angry” super-serious gimmick in the WWE. One could argue that this goes all the way back to Stone Cold Steve Austin, but I’d argue that Stone Cold was more about fighting the system than he was about just being pissed off. For every pissed off rant Stone Cold made, he’d follow up with a hose that fired beer or fill a Corvette with cement. It was fun. Randy Orton is just angry for the sake of being angry, which is why someone like Kenny Omega is a ray of light. No matter the character he’s portraying, it’s a lighthearted take.

He Must Like Videogames – So, when I wasn’t watching wrestling as a kid, I was playing video games. I barely watch wrestling these days, but I still play a ton of video games. Oh look, here’s a video of Kenny Omega performing Zangief’s Ultra Move as his finisher:

He REALLY Must Like Videogames – I looked up his theme music (for when he’s wrestling in Japan, at least) and found what appears to be his entrance video.


Welcome back. Just in case you missed it, that theme song is a remix of Dr. Wily’s stage from Mega Man 2, arguably one of the best songs in gaming history. Besides that, Kenny’s wiki-page indicates that his repertoire of finishing moves, not only, includes an EX Hadoken, but also an electric chair driver which he named “One Winged Angel.” If there’s one thing nerds like, it’s other nerds!

He Wrestled a Nine Year-Old Girl – I mean… that’s pretty much it. Not only did he wrestler her, but if you do anything today, please stick around long enough for Kenny to sway the tide of battle and start beating the hell out of her.

He’s Actually a Really Good Wrestler – As much as this article highlights the comedy aspects of Kenny Omega, he isn’t just a source of slapstick (though that’d still make him better than Randy Orton), he’s actually a really great wrestler. I’ve always said that a wrestler can succeed with only one of the following three things: 1) physique (ie. really tall, muscular or really small) 2) charisma (ie. great on the mic) 3) skill (ie. in-ring performance). While, I will admit that interviews are harder to find for international wrestlers, I think it’s safe to say that Kenny Omega has all three after you watch him crying on the toilet.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with one more item: Kenny Omega beating up a fat guy (Mike Angels?), in and around a small cottage. A vote for Kenny is a vote for change!