Your 30-Minute Pachinko “Gameplay” Clip of the Day

Your 30-Minute Pachinko “Gameplay” Clip of the Day

By RiggzWednesday - July 11th, 2012Categories: Awesome, Rant, Video GamesTags:, ,

People that know me, know that I love slot-machines, not because there’s potential, albeit small potential, to win a ton of money, but because they’ve practically evolved into full-fledged video games, featuring touch-screen action phases and even chairs with embedded Bose speakers. This same evolution has apparently happened in Japan, with Pachinko standing in for America’s dirty slots.

The video above is amazing. I have no idea what’s going on… but a little research reveals that the theme of the game is an anime series from the 70s called Combattler VThe game is so chaotic that I think I died  six times within the first ten minutes of the video.

Some of my favorite moments below…

  •  3:05 – An actual model of the transforming robot assembles itself behind the glass (in front of the LCD screen)
  • 16:00 – 5000 Volt!! 5000 Volt!! 1…
  • 22:25 – The physical machine is literally made out of Flux Capacitors
  • 30:05 – Wait… so you can actually beat this game?!
In short, how much does it cost to import a Pachinko machine/every Pachinko machine?