The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Foür

The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Foür

By RiggzTuesday - July 10th, 2012Categories: Awesome, In The Field, OriginalsTags:, , ,

Boy, that chicken dinner sure looks delicious, doesn’t it? Yeah… too bad it wasn’t mine. Spoiler alert, Jinius joined us for Day Four and made out like a bandit. He got the special (available only on Thursdays) for $1.99 and it tasted better than anything Kiddo or I had. Wanna know how much better? Read on.


Buffy chick-chick wrap (Buffalo Chicken Wrap, small bag of Lay’s potato chips and a drink: $5.99):

Talk about a disappointment. Unlike revenge, this buffalo chicken wrap was NOT at it’s best served cold. Any flavor was completely lost. The hint of cheese did little. Also, the formation of the wrap itself is not conducive to the blending and enhancement of flavor. Each element of the wrap (chicken, cheese and shredded iceburg lettuce), instead of being mixed to intermingle flavor, was separated. Therefore several bites were exclusively lettuce, which, if you know me, is completely unacceptable! Overall I was dissatisfied with this component of my meal. I shan’t be eating it again.

Double chocolate cake – $2.99

This was absolute delicious. A true achievement, IKEA. The moist cake with a hint of crumble, the light chocolate mousse, the perfecting amount of icing…. all these elements worked in tandem for a sweet symphony of flavor.

Lay’s Potato Chips

If it wasn’t for the potato chips and chocolate cake, this meal would’ve been a total disaster.

Bäng for your Bück – 6 Fintorp Dish Drainers out of 10. 



Have you ever felt like a puppy, curiously investigating a strange-looking bug, only to have it sting the tip of your nose? Well, I have, but instead of my nose, what got stung was my stomach. All week, I’ve been wanting to try a dish that’s perpetually sold out [see: Day 2 & 3 of this experiment]. That dish was the Najad Salmon plate ($4.99), which consisted of thinly sliced pieces of smoked salmon, topped with seasoned vegetables. The dish is served cold, which I should’ve knew wouldn’t appeal to me, but I’m headstrong and thought my love of salmon would win out. It didn’t. Ultimately, I spent my entire meal eating this with a frown, jealously glancing over at Jinius’ delicious chicken plate. I’m not heartless, I can see how the Najad Salmon would appeal to someone, but despite a historic reputation championing sashimi that someone isn’t me. Luckily, Day 4 wasn’t all terrible…

… enter the Spinach & Cheese Crepes ($1.99 for 2). Just like the salmon, I’ve been eyeing these all week. They looked tasty and their budget pricing wasn’t bad on the eyes (read: wallet) either. In this case, it couldn’t have worked out better, because for every bite of the salmon I had to force, I was able to take 2 or 3 from these delicious crepes. Not unlike the medallions from Day 1, the spinach flavor wasn’t overwhelming; just a hint. While the cheese kept everything in a tight little package. Big success. Remember everyone it’s the pawns that control a game of chess, not the queens! Whoa… things just got deep for a second…

Bäng for your Bück – 2 out of 4 members of Ace of Base