CatRoommate Presents: The Annual Cop of the Year Award

CatRoommate Presents: The Annual Cop of the Year Award

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I’m sure many of our more regular readers are already familiar with this prestigious honor, given to only police officer every year, out of a possible 1000 nominees. We started it back in 1993 as a way to show our appreciation for the men, women and dinosaurs that protect our streets on a daily basis. They are generally unsung heroes of our age, but today we honor one hero that stands above the rest.

Without further ado…

“What’s ‘hazard pay’?” – C.M. Geohagan


Congratulations to Corey Geohagan of the North Carolina Pre-Crime Police Department! Officer Geohagan is a veteran of the force and though we’ll only be able to cover a handful of his achievements here, believe us when we say that his love of justice runs deep.

In the last year alone, Officer Geohagan is responsible for 987 arrests, another 500 plus arrest-assists and thousands of hours of paperwork. He’s singled-handedly stopped 12 serial killers in the southern United States, as well as another 5 in Canada. In March of 2012, Officer Geohagan was deployed to South America. He was tasked with leading a team into a fortified drug compound, where the mission was to detain several known drug lords on behalf of the Colombian Government. A betrayal in his unit left Officer Geohagan alone and unarmed in a foreign jungle. Needless to say, 15 days later, Officer Geohagan immerged on the edge of Bogotá, driving a pickup truck full of unconscious/dead drug dealers.

Domestically, Officer Geohagan is a national treasure. Besides his aforementioned “occupational accomplishments” he’s also an avid soccer player, most recently, captaining his intramural team as goalie/leading scorer. He’s also a family man, inspiring most of the posts on his wife’s website, TwoDelighted.

Our thanks and congratulations go out to Officer Geohagan, a cop among men.

It’s not racist if he committed a crime!