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The Big Adventures of Little Kitters #6

By KiddoWednesday - July 25th, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

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The Mystery of the [Amaaaazing] Cosplay Ranger

By RiggzMonday - July 23rd, 2012Categories: Awesome, In The Field, Rant

See that guy above? He’s my hero and it isn’t because we both share a history. We do. He’s my hero because he’s amazing in the strangest way possible.

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Your 30-Minute Pachinko “Gameplay” Clip of the Day

By RiggzWednesday - July 11th, 2012Categories: Awesome, Rant, Video Games

People that know me, know that I love slot-machines, not because there’s potential, albeit small potential, to win a ton of money, but because they’ve practically evolved into full-fledged video games, featuring touch-screen action phases and even chairs with embedded Bose speakers. This same evolution has apparently happened in Japan, with Pachinko standing in for America’s dirty slots.

The video above is amazing. I have no idea what’s going on… but a little research reveals that the theme of the game is an anime series from the 70s called Combattler VThe game is so chaotic that I think I died  six times within the first ten minutes of the video.

Some of my favorite moments below…

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The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Foür

By RiggzTuesday - July 10th, 2012Categories: Awesome, In The Field, Originals

Boy, that chicken dinner sure looks delicious, doesn’t it? Yeah… too bad it wasn’t mine. Spoiler alert, Jinius joined us for Day Four and made out like a bandit. He got the special (available only on Thursdays) for $1.99 and it tasted better than anything Kiddo or I had. Wanna know how much better? Read on.

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CatRoommate Presents: The Annual Cop of the Year Award

By RiggzFriday - July 6th, 2012Categories: Awesome, Originals

I’m sure many of our more regular readers are already familiar with this prestigious honor, given to only police officer every year, out of a possible 1000 nominees. We started it back in 1993 as a way to show our appreciation for the men, women and dinosaurs that protect our streets on a daily basis. They are generally unsung heroes of our age, but today we honor one hero that stands above the rest.

Without further ado…

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