The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Twö

The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Twö

By KiddoThursday - June 28th, 2012Categories: Awesome, In The Field, OriginalsTags:, ,

Day 2, IKEA Challenge. Overall, an improvement, however there remains a long meatball-paved road ahead of us. We approach this journey with open hearts, and empty stomachs.


I think the worst thing about planning to eat at the same venue 6 days in a row is thinking ahead to what you know you’ll be eating on the second, third or fourth night. As Kiddo can attest to, I had a very specific meal in mind for tonight… and meatballs t’weren’t it.

Alas, I made due and it’s probably for the best, because at some point, one of us was going to have to try the signature dish of the Swedes (outside of revenge). My meal consisted of a plate of meatballs, accompanied by another scoop of mashed potatoes and some cranberry sauce, which was more for presentation than anything. Asking price: $3.99. Not too shabby, and that goes for everything. My meal on Day 1 was more “elaborate” than today’s, but ultimately… I think I enjoyed this one better (Note: the almond cake is a different story altogether and would unfairly skew my opinion on any meal that included it, so I’m not factoring it in here).

But Riggz, how could “meat” “balls” be better than delicately herb-crusted fish? And to you, I say, such is the magic of IKEA (IKEYeeeaaaahhh?). Though I can’t attribute all of my enjoyment to magic, because for only $2 more, I was able to add a bowl of “southwest” soup to my meal (it included a drink, but I stuck with water… we didn’t have Jinius available to drink more feather-juice, or whatever). I call it “southwest” because I’m not entirely sure what it was… I’ll describe it and you tell me: beans, spicy, corn, onion? Who cares! It was very tasty and afterwards, I felt just the right amount of full.

I’ll be honest with you, this experiment doesn’t leave me very excited for dinnertime. It feels like a chore, but once I sit down… things seem to go okay. If making cheap furniture and good food is magical, then IKEA may be the Hogwarts of Southern California.

Bäng For Your Bück – 4 Stellan Skarsgårds out of 5


Couple’a wieners (Two hot dogs, soft drink, and potato chips: $2.00):

There are some who think the phrase “gourmet hot dog” to be an oxymoron, but those “some” are not me. I’m a hot dog lover (Toronto street meat reigns supreme) so when the Ikea Challenge was born, naturally this was the meal I was in anticipation of. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. I’m not saying that the hot dogs were good quality – in fact, they were no different than the kind of hot dogs you’d buy in a package of eight at the supermarket. There was nothing inspiring about the dinky little bun they were served in. However, when you take into consideration that the total price tag for the entire combo was $2 and it was relatively edible, that’s pretty fantastic.

Pah-tay-ter chips:

A small bag of Lay’s original. I was expecting these to be provided to me across the counter with my hot dog, but apparently Ikea goes honor-system with their chips. Like my fellow snack bar patrons before me, I was given jurisdiction to go and select a bag from a large stack of boxes containing what must have been hundreds of mini bags of chips. I chose the fullest looking bag, knowing deep down that it was mostly air.

Water frozen in it’s solid state tea:

I don’t drink carbonated soft drinks and haven’t for years, so I basically just drink iced tea. The iced tea at the snack bar was coming out of the tap practically clear, so I filled my cup upstairs in the restaurant, which we were headed to anyway. No harm, no foul.

Cinnamon “I only really eat the parts that have icing” Bun (Cinnamon Bun: $1):

Kudos to this. Much larger than I expected, soft, a proper amount of icing. A+.

Bäng for your Bück – 9 Ekby Järpen wall shelves out of 10!