The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Thrëë

The Greät IKEÄ Ëxpërïmënt – Däy Thrëë

By RiggzFriday - June 29th, 2012Categories: Awesome, In The Field, OriginalsTags:, , ,

In the beginning, I had no doubts that we could easily accomplish this culinary undertaking, and expected it to be an enjoyable experience the whole way through. Well, my perspective is slowly shifting and I feel I should let our dear readers know: we nearly didn’t make it to the coveted city of cupboards last night. One of us, I shan’t say who, suggested abandoning the project and getting sushi instead (!!!). Whichever one of us it was, we rallied together and forged on. The only raw fish I’ll be having this week is Swedish Fish.


I should’ve gotten sushi!

Well, maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but I’ll tell you right from the start that Day 3 was pretty mediocre. I’ve been waiting since Day 1 to try a special fish dish that just hasn’t been available by the time we arrive for dinner. In an effort to try as much of the menu as possible, I wasn’t going to just order something I had previously reviewed… so today became salad day. Someone’s gotta eat dem green, right?

What can IKEA do to make a Chicken Caesar Salad ($4.99) unique? Hmm… nothing really. This was about as straightforward as you can imagine. Chicken strips on top of romaine lettuce. I did notice that there was a large amount of Parmesan cheese on top. Was this a cheap way to add a little extra flavor or perhaps something more? I like to think the extra cheese was meant to replicate the rolling, snow-covered hills of the Swedish Lapland (look it up). In the end, despite the prosaic taste, and a few bites from Kiddo’s meal (more below), I was too full to even try my second dish so I ended up taking it to-go.

My Summer Fruit Salad ($3.99) actually made a more elaborate breakfast than I’m used to and I’m glad I had it leftover. Sames goes for this dish as above. What can you really do with a salad to make it special? Not much. I couldn’t really draw and comparisons between this salad and the Swedish landscape so… yeah. It was a salad with fruit in it.

All-in-all, I’m still disappointed that I was reduced to picking two salads to eat… could it be that the problem with IKEA is that I’ve come to expect too much???

Maybe we were wrong. Maybe this ISN’T a zombie survivor’s paradise!

Bäng For Your Bück – 2 Stieg Larssons out of 5



TMNT Special (Piece of pizza and a soft drink, $2.50, add a second slice of pizza, $1.50)

This meal was a no frills, wham-bam-thank-you-Sven experience. There were no sides, no desert. Just a drink and a slice of pizza. Add in a buck 50 and you got yourself…. a second slice of pizza. Which was surprisingly good, all things considered. Nothing compared to Pizza Hut, or any of the other gourmet establishments I’m known to frequent, but a step up from supermarket frozen. Expect plain cheese with some added seasoning. The slices are a decent size and the cheese coverage is excellent. Overall, a filling meal even though it doesn’t appear as if there was much to it.

I didn’t have much time to savor it however, with Riggz nipping at my heels for a bite. When will people learn that salad is never an option? Never. It’s difficult to maintain my appetite when I have to look over at whatever disgusting wilted mess he’s got on his plate. Pah! Hippie.

Bäng for your Bück – 8 Mammut children’s nightstands out of 10.