ICE AGE Unbound: What the Franchise is Really About

ICE AGE Unbound: What the Franchise is Really About

By RiggzWednesday - June 20th, 2012Categories: Movies, Originals, RantTags:, , ,

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve seen all of the ICE AGE films up to this point*. With ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT on the horizon, I feel it’s my duty to inform Blue Sky Studios that I won’t be skipping Scrat’s latest outing, neither should you, and here’s why…

A lot of people forget that the premise of the first film was: a group of animals find a HUMAN infant and care for him until he can be returned to his tribe of fellow humans (last seen wandering an icy tundra). In the second film, no humans appear to be present and the Ice Age ends. This ushers us into the third film where… dinosaurs exist?! Like I mentioned above, I’ve seen the films, and I acknowledge that the appearance of dinosaurs is a surprise to even the main characters of the series (they’re hidden in a “lost world” type underground cave), but still perplexing given the timeline of Earth that science has provided us.

"Ice Age 3"

Pictured: Not Ice

Now, in the fourth film, continental drift? 20,000 years ago, during the Earth’s last major “ice age” the continents were already pretty darn drifted. Like, as in, it looked pretty similar to how Earth looks now. So just to recap:

Ice Age —> Ice Age: Meltdown —? Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs —? Ice Age: Continental Drift

So after this long-winded set-up, here’s what I’m suggesting… the ICE AGE franchise has been mocked for it’s “liberal” adherence to details of our Earth’s history while it should just admit that the series is actually about something much bigger than a couple goofy animals. TIME TRAVEL. That’s right, if you think about it, the characters of the film are merely moving backwards in time, as opposed to forward, like we had assumed.

Okay, we begin with the first film, clearly set in the Ice Age. Earth is frozen, humans are present. The second film, things start to warm up, more exotic creatures appear. But what we thought was the end of the Ice Age, was actually the beginning. Our characters, moving backwards through time. Even they didn’t realize. How could they?! Let’s move forward. DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS. There’s even less ice than the previous two films and we’re introduced to a world of giant reptilian creatures, that haven’t existed on this planet for about 65 million years. Lastly, CONTINENTAL DRIFT features massive oceans and landmasses torn apart… or are they? A quick look at an map of the Jurassic period of Earth clearly indicates that most of the continents were not all crowded together to form Pangea. There was separation and significant drift already taking place. So, keeping with the theory that this franchise is moving backwards through time, what I’m suggesting is that the continents are drifting… together! Spiraling backwards through time at, what appears to be an exponential rate.

But why isn’t this acknowledged by the filmmakers? They allow themselves to be ridiculed and criticized by educated members of society (myself included, until recently), because of, what appears to be, a minimal grasp on Earth’s history, when, in fact, they know exactly what they’re doing and have taken their story deeper than a straight-forward animated comedy has ever gone before. With this knowledge, I can confidently approach future entries into this franchise like 2015’s ICE AGE: PRIMORDIAL SOUP and eventually, science-willing, a climactic end for our characters’ journey in ICE AGE: OUT WITH A BIG BANG.

I can’t wait!

(*I was actually paid to watch both ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN & ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS…)

[UPDATE: As, astute reader, Ryan’s pointed out; what essentially amounts to a theory has all but been confirmed by an ICE AGE short, NO TIME FOR NUTS. I was completely unaware of this film’s existence while writing this post (no one paid me to watch the shorts…) but, as you can see, it features a time travel device, and a time traveler. The evidence is all there my friends. ICE AGE is indeed one of the most complex and layered science-fiction franchises of the 21st century.]