Occupy Sin City

Occupy Sin City

By RiggzMonday - November 14th, 2011Categories: News, Rant, Ugh... TopicalTags:,

A couple of thoughts…

1) While I admit the Occupy *insert place here* protests have become fairly muddled in terms of what they’re actually protesting against, the overarching “rich are getting richer / poor are getting poorer” theme IS one that, I think, everyone should be concerned with (unless you’re already rich, in which case, kudos). As with any social movement, as the popularity grows the more everything tends to look like a large bandwagon or fad.

B) According to USA Today, the average age of Occupy Wall Street protestors is 33. That’s actually a lot higher than I had realized and probably a lot higher than Frank Miller realizes, too (given his scathing description). Still, I have to believe that a bunch of younger “occupiers” are only out there, because they think a college degree entitles them to a guarantee on life. It doesn’t. Sometimes you have to work in retail or at a Starbucks to make money. I’m sorry if you’re pissed off that no one cares about your “Creative Writing” minor, you took that risk when you devoted eight semesters to it (something I’ve come to terms with myself).

iii) But more than anything… f*ck Frank Miller, man. What an asshole. There’s a million people infinitely more qualified to write an article like that than him. What does he do that gives him the right to insult these people? He writes and illustrates comics. He’s not a life saving doctor or a scientist, developing cheap and efficient water purification systems. He’s not a construction working, building our nation’s infrastructure, or a police officer, protecting our streets. He draws pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy most of his work as entertainment, but I would never argue that it adds to the betterment of our society (not to say that comics can’t, just that his, for the most part, don’t). On top of his utter lack of qualifications to criticize these protests, Frank Miller is overlooking something major…

… those protestors are the exact group of people he writes for! Other than terribly cheesy inner-monologues, one of the most common reoccurring elements in Frank Miller’s writing is an underdog spitting in the face of authority; Fighting the system, because it serves his/her best interest. Those “louts, thieves, and rapists” are characters from your stories, asshole. And I promise you, that if it weren’t for their “putrid false righteousness” they probably wouldn’t have bought any of your books, thus preventing you from having enough money/free time to bitch and moan about all this. Leave the complaining to the people that aren’t completely tactless hypocrites. Seriously.

P.S. Robocop 3 sucked.