1980’s Italian Sub-pop Sex Symbols Edition

1980’s Italian Sub-pop Sex Symbols Edition

By KiddoTuesday - April 12th, 2011Categories: Uncategorized

Click the “random article” button on Wikipedia enough and you’re bound to come across something worthwhile, or at the very least, worthy of a good ridicule. That being said, it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across this little gem, 1980’s Italian sex symbol / pop sensation Sabrina Salerno’s music video for her hit song, “Like A Yo Yo”. There’s been no consensus as to what Salerno’s lyrics “like a yo-yo” implicate, if anything, but popular theories suggest it could a reference to either heightened sexual arousal attributed to intimacy,  or heightened sexual arousal caused by yo-yos.

But, to highlight, some of my favorite things about this video:

– Brooding and dangerous bad boy with a yo-yo, possibly deaf

– Aggressive denim-clad street dancers

– Stuffed animal theft

– Pleather Mickey Mouse jackets on adult women (who are not Asian tourists)

– Motorcyclists unwilling to brake for attractive women in alleyways

– Completely random and unnecessary live-action animation hybrid.