Catroversial! My Thoughts on Rebecca Black

Catroversial! My Thoughts on Rebecca Black

By RiggzTuesday - March 15th, 2011Categories: News, Rant, Ugh... TopicalTags:, ,

Okay, so it’s not like I write stuff for this website every single day, so generally when I do it’s because I think the content of a particular post is irresistibly funny and I want to share it or because a fairy hit me with the spark of creativity and I can’t help myself. This fits into neither criteria. It’s “topical” and “opinionated”. Pretty much the kind of stuff that most sites post to get some quick traffic, before everyone inevitably moves on to whatever the next hot topic happens to be. This is not my intention. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. I just couldn’t help myself.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, a song/video has been circulating the internet, garnering itself a ton of attention, mostly, for how terrible it is. I’m not here to dispute it’s worth (it’s terrible), but I am hoping to clear up some of the polarized opinions on the matter.

Leave Her Alone

Let me skip ahead to the aftermath of what this video’s caused. Rebecca Black, the artist err… singer uhh… person at the center of all this is 13 years old. Everyone’s initial reaction was to tear this song apart. The whole thing is “auto-tuned”. The lyrics are vapid. And pretty much everything about the video is terrible (the Color Grading looks good to me!). It’s easy to make fun of, but internet bullying is always easy. And since everyone piles on like some sort of digital mob, this girl could come out of this incident heavily scarred. AND even if you don’t care about this girl’s feelings (continue reading to see that ultimately, I don’t) the biggest thing that people are forgetting about this song is that… IT’S NOT ANY WORSE THAN ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TOP 40 POP/R&B/HIP-HOP SONG CURRENTLY ON THE RADIO!!!! If there’s one thing “Friday” succeeds at, it’s that it makes it nearly impossible for any sensible person to believe that those involved were taking themselves too seriously (whether or not they were is still up for debate). If all of her detractors are knowingly turning her into a scapegoat for the currently horrendous state of popular music, that’s fine, but something tells me most of the people bashing on this song are doing so while their iPod shuffles through their latest T-Pain setlist.

(Who is T-Pain?)

This brings me to my next point…

Screw Rebecca Black

Seriously. I hate her. I’m intentionally NOT linking to her video here, because it already has too many views and more attention than crap should ever get (hence the invention of a toilet that flushes). I don’t know who angers me more… the people who rush to insult her or the people that rush to criticize her critics. Like I said earlier, she’s apparently 13 years old, which would lead you to believe that she’s innocent. Free of any fault, but that isn’t the case. Her song was recorded and produced. A music video was made specifically for it and while the end product is laughable the actual production value is there. This isn’t something she shot on her webcam. She put herself out there. People got behind her. Money was spent. She isn’t the Star Wars kid, who made something for himself and others took it upon themselves to share it. [Sidenote: It’s scary to think that it won’t be too long before “Star Wars Kid” is an extremely dated reference… if it isn’t already. “Damn kids! Stay off my Second Life lawn!”] Also, at the end of the day, all that will matter is that this girl’s video got 5 million views in only a handful of days. Those looking to profit from this wave of attention won’t stop to ask WHY people are watching the video, only that they are watching. With all of the internet joining forces against her, this talentless teenager still has more going for her than most of us and definitely a lot more opportunities knocking at her door than two weeks ago.

In closing let me just say screw her, but this is your fault, too!

[Opens iTunes. Selects “T-Pain Trax” setlist. Hits play. Leans back, exhales deeply, closes eyes.]