From the Files of Elyse Squad

From the Files of Elyse Squad

By KiddoWednesday - December 15th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

I decided to sort through and delete old, neglected text documents on my computer. In doing so, I stumble across, nay, fall face first into this gem, entitled “Olden Times”:

Why I would not go back and live in olden times, even if the getting’ was good (though it probably wouldn’t be):

I myself am not old. In OLDEN TIMES, the average life expectancy was somewhere between 30 to 40 years. Given that I myself am not old, unlike the TIMES, this leaves me with a wishful ten to fifteen years, granted I don’t LEAVE OLDEN TIMES before I die, and become CONTEMPORARY once more.

If I went, I would want Benecio Del Toro to come with me, and I don’t think he would. He’s got too much going for him in MODERN TIMES.


I have no idea where this came from or who wrote it. I copied and pasted it and sections of it into Google, but no matching results came up. Did I write this? Did I dream it? I feel like there’s no way I would have misspelled Benicio… ergo, could it even have been me????