“Bouncing Italian Synthesizer” the Untold Story

“Bouncing Italian Synthesizer” the Untold Story

By RiggzTuesday - July 6th, 2010Categories: Non Sequitor, Origin Story

I’ve never been one to rehash the past, but I remember this video from several years ago. I enjoyed it thoroughly then and I still love it now. In fact, this video affected me so much that “Italian Synthesizers” currently stands as my one and only ‘interest’ on Facebook. It’s true. If you don’t believe me, just look for yourself! I’ll wait…

But enough about me. I decided to dig a little bit deeper into the origin of this song and dance man, so that way I’d have something to share with you in this post. After all of FOUR MINUTES (!!!!) I gave up hope of finding any credible information…

So I just made this up…

Who the heck is this guy?!

“This guy” is Giorgio Papakonstantinou and despite the video’s title he isn’t Italian at all (unless 1/16th on his mother’s side counts). In fact, Giorgio was Greek! Growing up mostly along the Greek coast in a town called Evia. Around 10 years of age his parents gave him the option to choose between a piano or a soccer ball. He picked the soccer ball, at which point his parents scolded him and introduced him to his new music instructor.

What is this song?!

The song is actually called “Slime Boss (Star Wars Disco)” and is the end result of a dare. Reportedly, a European music agent, Marcus Weatherly, bet one of his clients that an association with Star Wars makes anything cool. The dare itself involved 13 days to write, record and shoot a video for a song about ANY Star Wars character. Principal shooting of the video was completed on September 8th 1985; just 2 hours before the 13 day deadline. [Giorgio didn’t actually become involved until the later stages of this video’s production. Though his playing isn’t ACTUALLY featured on the track itself, his name was added to the songs credits upon its release.]

Is he wearing a Karate gi? Why?

Yes. Because he knows karate.


Yeah. I know. And now YOU know. What was once just another funny video to email around to your friends can now be considered a substantial piece of music history. Thanks for reading along and remember… it’s amazing the kind of info you can find with a little internet research if you make it up.