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What the F*ck? And Hell Yeah!

By RiggzFriday - July 16th, 2010Categories: Awesome, Video Games

This may just be news to me, but as I was scrolling down the MASSIVE list of songs released on the Rock Band Network I came across the above. That’s right, apparently a few classic orchestral pieces have been reinterpreted by Paul Henry Smith & the Fauxharmonic Orchestra for play in the game. How much fun this is, I don’t know. But I DO know that I’ve hosted several Rock Band parties and… there’s absolutely no way you’d be able to get anyone else to play these with you. “Do you have anymore Weezer?” they’ll say as the scroll away from your unique suggestion. Oh, bravo! All of a sudden you’re the master of navigating my list of songs when it wasn’t 30 seconds ago that you didn’t even know how to hold that damn Xbox controller. I hate you! No one plays Dream Theater with me except Stephen!

Whoa… what happened? Anyway, it’s pretty cool that they did this, even though I doubt many people were clamoring for it. Besides reliving the second scariest part of Fantasia with “A Night On Bald Mountain” (I have a phobia of mops), “Flight of the Bumblebee” and “Hungarian Dance No. 5” (videos below) are also available for only $1 a piece. Hopefully, Bassoon Hero won’t be far behind.

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The BEST Predators Review [Spoilers]

By RiggzWednesday - July 14th, 2010Categories: Awesome, Movies, Rant

So, I saw Predators this weekend. My personal opinions of the film are of minor importance here, so I’ll just rush through and say that the movie wasn’t a travesty like AvP, but still doesn’t hold a candle to the original. Pandering to the current mindless movie-going audience is partly to blame, but beyond that some of the movie is poorly constructed and clearly doesn’t understand why people are still enjoying Arnold’s action movie today.

That being said, the movie is getting great word of mouth. Something that doesn’t usually happen with mediocre movies. I don’t understand this and a lot of times it makes me feel all alone in the world (though an empty apartment and a girlfriend living 3000 miles away doesn’t help either). Luckily, like a knight in shining armor, a hero steps forward to show me that I’m not alone. And even though the internet reminds me daily how many opinions differ from my own, there are still others out there who share my point of view. One such other goes by the name “RG“. He’s a first-time commenter, responding to a post at Topless Robot. And he’s written the BEST Predators review ever.

And WHY THE F*CK WAS LAURENCE FISHBURNE FAT? He must be one hell of a scavenger.

I KNOW! Please read the full spoiler-filled review below.

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“Bouncing Italian Synthesizer” the Untold Story

By RiggzTuesday - July 6th, 2010Categories: Non Sequitor, Origin Story

I’ve never been one to rehash the past, but I remember this video from several years ago. I enjoyed it thoroughly then and I still love it now. In fact, this video affected me so much that “Italian Synthesizers” currently stands as my one and only ‘interest’ on Facebook. It’s true. If you don’t believe me, just look for yourself! I’ll wait…

But enough about me. I decided to dig a little bit deeper into the origin of this song and dance man, so that way I’d have something to share with you in this post. After all of FOUR MINUTES (!!!!) I gave up hope of finding any credible information…

So I just made this up…

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Reviewed: Childrens’ Hospital

By KiddoFriday - July 2nd, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

Rob Corddry’s web series Childrens’ Hospital makes the move to the small screen July 11th, with a hilarious premiere episode available online now in its entirety. The cast includes veterans to the comedic world, including Ken Marino, Megan Mullaly, Henry Winkler and Corddry himself, while newcomers like Malin Akerman flex untapped comedic chops.

As the show transitions to TV, the sketch-like feel and pacing of a digital series carries over, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. No doubt Adult Swim expects the show’s main, initial viewership to be familiar with the series; the episode spends little to no time establishing setting or character development, and gets right down to the irreverent silliness.

Poking fun at medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and House, the patients and the doctors are caricatures. Mullaly is a geriatric doctor with a degenerative bone disease, while Corddry is a Patch Adams-esque “doctor clown” with garish makeup and a blood stain covering his smock, shaped like a heart or a set of lungs. Trekkies from a neighboring convention make an appearance, and the climactic scene features the doctors having to decide which of two men impaled by a pole they will save (a spoof of a Grey’s episode); the young, snotty, skater-punk or the old man dying of cancer who insists he has lived a long, full life (you can guess who the oblivious, self-involved doctors choose to die). The big laughs (in my opinion) come from Jeff Ross the insult comic, portraying himself as he tries to get emergency care for his son.

It would be nice for these actors, many who have paid serious, dues to get a show to call their own. Especially Ken Marino who is always great to watch, even if just for his reactions – either shock, or elation.

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