Pulse 360 Makes Ads For Me!

Pulse 360 Makes Ads For Me!

By RiggzSunday - June 13th, 2010Categories: Awesome, Non SequitorTags:, , ,

Marketing... for me!

I love custom ads.  Some people feel like their internet exploits should be kept private, but I don’t mind a “search report” or spybots sharing a little bit of my information because it makes everything much more entertaining!  Face it, we’ll be inundated with marketing material and advertisements every day for the rest of our lives so why not let it be tailored specifically to us?  You’d be a fool to pass up this opportunity.

Now, you may be asking where this rant is coming from.  There must be some sort of catalyst!  Your assumption is correct.  So without any further ado let me present to you an ad, crafted by Pulse 360, specifically for me…. seriously…


Probably the less said the better.