Overheard… (Completely Fabricated)

Overheard… (Completely Fabricated)

By KiddoTuesday - June 1st, 2010Categories: Non Sequitor, Overheard

“John and Josie may have moved to what some – not me, but some – might call a ‘bad’ neighborhood. They’re still good friends. We’ve just been really busy at work lately. It doesn’t mean anything.” – Sheila

“We haven’t seen Kevin and Sheila since Tom and Joanne’s cookout and even then it was just barely a ‘hello’ before they went off to their friends from The Club.” – Josie

“Rick and Nancy are dear friends of ours – The Club is an important part of our social life; Josie knows this.” – Sheila

“It’s disrespectful.” – Josie