I Won Google!!1!

I Won Google!!1!

By RiggzSunday - June 6th, 2010Categories: Awesome

And so... a Titan fell to a man...

So today something major happened.  It was entirely on accident, but as I was looking up a song that I had heard over the credits of a funny internet video I stumbled across a strange, yet gratifying phenomenon.  I beat Google.  That’s right.  Beat it.  To clarify beating Google doesn’t mean I stumped it (zero results found).  No, beating Google means that the search yields only one result.  One unique result from three words in ALL of the internet.  I wonder if Google will send me a trophy… or give me a job!

I’m sure I’m not the only one to experience this… feel free to share your stories/search terms below.  And maybe if you ask nicely I’ll tell you what mine was…

… or just ask Kiddo, she knows, and would cheat me out of any power I had over you.