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Cat Roommate

By KiddoThursday - June 17th, 2010Categories: Awesome, Origin Story

The sketch that started it all.

Special thanks to our resident Jinius, without whom this could not have been made possible.

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So You Think You Can Sleuth: TV’s Best Amateur Detectives

By KiddoTuesday - June 15th, 2010Categories: Lists, Television

The amateur detective is a strange creature; not a bonafied sleuth, they still often seem to attract mystery wherever they go, solving even the most complex cases that have left real officials stumped. And now, some of television’s greatest unschooled private eyes:

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Immediate Reactions: Kinect for 360

By RiggzMonday - June 14th, 2010Categories: Rant, Video Games

Oh really? Women love your moves, huh? Envy of your friends?! I believe it!

Ugh… motion controls. I’d say that motion controls are to video games what the 3D fad is to movies, but I’d be ignoring the fact that games are going 3D as well. I don’t hate them, but that Microsoft and Sony think that they can steal away some of the Wii’s casual audience with motion controls of their own is retarded. And if they think that any serious gamers are clamoring for these types of control methods then they may have full on fetal alcohol syndrome. The Wii is super cheap and was first. Boom. I just figured out the mysteries behind Nintendo’s success.

Regardless… this fad is happening and with E3 in full swing I had to sit through Microsoft’s Kinect-centric press conference… here are a few immediate reactions.

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Pulse 360 Makes Ads For Me!

By RiggzSunday - June 13th, 2010Categories: Awesome, Non Sequitor

Marketing... for me!

I love custom ads.  Some people feel like their internet exploits should be kept private, but I don’t mind a “search report” or spybots sharing a little bit of my information because it makes everything much more entertaining!  Face it, we’ll be inundated with marketing material and advertisements every day for the rest of our lives so why not let it be tailored specifically to us?  You’d be a fool to pass up this opportunity.

Now, you may be asking where this rant is coming from.  There must be some sort of catalyst!  Your assumption is correct.  So without any further ado let me present to you an ad, crafted by Pulse 360, specifically for me…. seriously…

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I Won Google!!1!

By RiggzSunday - June 6th, 2010Categories: Awesome

And so... a Titan fell to a man...

So today something major happened.  It was entirely on accident, but as I was looking up a song that I had heard over the credits of a funny internet video I stumbled across a strange, yet gratifying phenomenon.  I beat Google.  That’s right.  Beat it.  To clarify beating Google doesn’t mean I stumped it (zero results found).  No, beating Google means that the search yields only one result.  One unique result from three words in ALL of the internet.  I wonder if Google will send me a trophy… or give me a job!

I’m sure I’m not the only one to experience this… feel free to share your stories/search terms below.  And maybe if you ask nicely I’ll tell you what mine was…

… or just ask Kiddo, she knows, and would cheat me out of any power I had over you.

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Immediate Reactions: Pizza by the “Splice”

By RiggzFriday - June 4th, 2010Categories: Movies, Rant

Half man, half pizza... the perfect hybrid...

[Immediate Reactions is my way of conveying how I felt about a movie using essentially whatever bullet points popped into my head while watching it.  It saves me time, and it saves you time.  Think of it as a review without any fluff and/or substance.  Enjoy!]

In all honesty, the title and picture has very little to do with my “review” of Splice.  What it IS evident of, though, is that I haven’t had lunch yet.  So let’s get through this quick so I can eat!

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Toilet (Paper) Humor

By KiddoFriday - June 4th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

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The Living Comic: Issue #47

By KiddoWednesday - June 2nd, 2010Categories: Awesome


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This is Awesome – The Napoleon of Crime

By RiggzTuesday - June 1st, 2010Categories: Awesome

The first thing he'll take is your dignity...

What if I told you that master criminals, NAY, supervillains actually existed?  You’d probably tell me to go back to reading those “picture books” and get my “head” out “of” the clou”ds”.  Well, the joke’s on you, because I barely know how to read and I’m shorter than I look.

Keep reading for a rundown on Adam Worth, the Napoleon of Crime, and a picture of a pretty great mustache.

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Overheard… (Completely Fabricated)

By KiddoTuesday - June 1st, 2010Categories: Non Sequitor, Overheard

“John and Josie may have moved to what some – not me, but some – might call a ‘bad’ neighborhood. They’re still good friends. We’ve just been really busy at work lately. It doesn’t mean anything.” – Sheila

“We haven’t seen Kevin and Sheila since Tom and Joanne’s cookout and even then it was just barely a ‘hello’ before they went off to their friends from The Club.” – Josie

“Rick and Nancy are dear friends of ours – The Club is an important part of our social life; Josie knows this.” – Sheila

“It’s disrespectful.” – Josie


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